Rakhel Shapiro, Founder and Facilitator

Rakhel Shapiro, Founder and Facilitator

Meet Rakhel

Rakhel Shapiro has over a decade of dedicated mindfulness practice in the insight meditation and Unified Mindfulness traditions, including intensive silent retreats and work with a mentor. As Founder and Facilitator at Source Mindfulness, she brings the benefits of clarity and connection to a wide variety of contexts and people: professionals looking to close a seemingly-insurmountable performance gap, those learning to face life sober for the first time since childhood, generally content people seeking growth in insight and well-being, and serious practitioners pursuing a transformative experience of impermanence, unsatisfactoriness, and non-self.

Rakhel’s approach is based on fostering a complete practice, drawing from Shinzen Young’s “three jobs” of the practitioner: to appreciate self and world, transcend self and world, and transform self and world. She balances an insight/liberation driven focus with cultivation of deep compassion, empowering students with the sensory clarity to transcend unnecessary suffering, and the qualities of heart that nourish an authentic, connected, meaningful life. In everyday language, this is training in seeing clearly and caring deeply.

Rakhel specializes in developing emotional and relational intelligence, supporting students to live by their authentic values, and facilitating deep insight practice.

Rakhel studies with George Haas (her mentor and mentorship supervisor) and Shinzen Young. Rakhel receives training through George Haas and JoAnna Harper's Mentor Training and Certification program at Against the Stream Buddhist Meditation Society. She holds a BA with Highest Honors from Vassar College, and helps to facilitate clinical psychology research on mindfulness and attachment.


Why Source Mindfulness

The Source

Shinzen Young, one of our primary influences in practice, talks regularly about The Source – what all sensations arise from and return to. This is not a sneaky way of talking about an ideological god, nor is it in any way at odds with belief. The Source can be perceived experientially through practice. It is simultaneous fullness and emptiness; unconditional love and stillness almost absurd in their abundance. We hope to imbue all of Source Mindfulness’s teaching with this way of being.


A Source

The wide vision of Source Mindfulness is to create a source of information on how to connect with a rich practice and community, even beyond what Source Mindfulness itself provides. This is one hub linking together a network of mutually affirming meditation instructors and communities, with those at the leadership level lifting one another up, cooperating to provide our students with more opportunities to engage and access to the teachers and services that are the best fit for them.


To Source

As miners seek out special, enriched environments to source valuable metals, Source Mindfulness provides an enriched environment for you to source attentional tools and wise approaches to life.